About this issue

Special Editors: Alícia Adserà and Marta Tienda

Volume 643

Publication Date: September 2012

Children and Youth, Immigration/Migration

This volume of The ANNALS brings together a group of scholars to present new research in an area of international population migration that has up until this point been lacking in study: the migration of children and youths. Since 1970, the percentage of people who did not reside in their country of birth has grown from 2.2% to 3.1% in 2010. While there has been a large amount of research chronicling migration patterns of adult men and women, there have been few studies that not only trace the international migration patterns of children and youths, but study the effect of migration on them. An increasing number of children with migration backgrounds in both traditional and new immigrant-receiving nations raises important research and policy questions about how children’s migration status is associated with their integration prospects, and why migrant youths fare better in some host countries than in others. The articles in this volume explore the educational gaps between immigrant and native students, the child-parent relationships in migrant families, and the health disparities in migrant children and families. This volume will be of particular interest to undergraduate and graduate students and faculty who specialize in population movement as well as those interested in immigration policy and results.

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