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The ANNALS of the AAPSS addresses society’s most important problems and concerns with high-quality research.

First published in 1890, The ANNALS took its current form in 1914: each of our bimonthly volumes takes up a particular social challenge or phenomenon, mustering research and evidence to illuminate it in ways that advance science and public policy.

Current Volume

The January 6th, 2025, Project: Assessing Current Threats to American Democracy

Volume 708, July 2023

Special Editor: Matthew E.K. Hall

The violent attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, can easily be viewed as the culmination of various threats to American democracy that have been building in our nation for years. Our republic may soon face a resurgence of these threats, as we enter another contentious presidential election between the same candidates that faced off in the last election.

This volume assesses the severity of these threats, examines how we have come to this inflection point in American history, and suggests possible strategies for creating a safer and more inclusive democratic future in the U.S. It concludes that American democracy is facing serious threats that might substantially undermine the basic tenets of our system of government, but it also offers reasons for optimism as we grapple with these critical challenges.

From the Archives

Threats to Science: Politicization, Misinformation, and Inequalities

Volume 700, March 2022

Special Editor: James N. Druckman

Science is vulnerable to threats that undermine its usefulness. In this volume, special editor James N. Druckman argues that politicization, misinformation, and growing socioeconomic inequalities are the most significant threats to science today, and articles from contributing authors explain the origins, scale and potential impact of these threats. From the deep roots of politicized science to the weaponization of misinformation to long-standing inequalities within the scientific enterprise, this volume brings evidence that illuminates these current threats to science.

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