The Moynihan Prize recognizes social scientists, public officials, and other leaders in the public arena who champion the use of informed judgment to improve public policy. The Prize is intended to honor those who have promoted the use of sound analysis and social science research in policymaking, while contributing to the civil discourse in society.

Candidates for the Prize are those whose careers have made substantial contributions to public policy, including the alleviation of poverty, the health of populations, the design of the built environment and public works, the improvement of race and ethnic relations, the pursuit of effective international relations, and the conservation of natural resources. They may also include those whose careers have exhibited a dedication to strengthening the use of statistical evidence and quality data in the policy process.

Candidates must be willing to deliver a major public policy address on the topic of their choosing.

Nominations may be considered over a three-year period. Feel free to contact AAPSS staff with questions.

2024 AAPSS Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize Nomination Form

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Please briefly state (in up to 250 words) the contribution(s) that make your nominee a suitable recipient of the Moynihan Prize. This short statement will help our Nominations Committee members, who may be unfamiliar with the scope and significance of your nominee’s work. A longer, uploaded letter of nomination is also required (see next section). Keep in mind the purpose of the AAPSS Moynihan Prize: to recognize a social scientist, public official, or other leader in the public arena who champions the use of informed judgment to improve public policy.

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