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The ANNALS: Our Bimonthly Journal of Research

Investing in Latino Children and Youth
Special Editors: Lisa A. Gennetian and Marta Tienda
Vol. 696, July 2021

“As a rapidly aging nation, the future economic health of the United States will increasingly hinge on the resources that we invest to support the early development and subsequent educational attainment and economic security of children and youth,” write Lisa A. Gennetian and Marta Tienda in their introduction to the upcoming volume of The ANNALS, which focuses attention on the circumstances and contributions of Latinx children and youth in this broader U.S. context.

In their special issue, “Investing in Latino Children and Youth,” editors Gennetian (Duke University) and Tienda (emerita, Princeton University) bring together a group of scholars with expertise in demography, public policy, sociology, and psychology, among other disciplines, to address housing, early childhood care and education, parenting practices, health and health care access, poverty, and the social safety net among the U.S. Hispanic population. While the contents of this volume focus on Latinx children and youth, the editors hope that the papers offer useful information about a broader path forward to support the positive welfare of all young people.


Featured Fellow

Claudia Goldin

2007 Charlotte Perkins Gilman Fellow

Claudia Goldin is the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University and was the director of the NBER’s Development of the American Economy program from 1989 to 2017. She is a co-director of the NBER’s Gender in the Economy Study Group.

An economic historian and a labor economist, Goldin’s research covers a wide range of topics, including the female labor force, the gender gap in earnings, income inequality, technological change, education, and immigration. Most of her research interprets the present through the lens of the past and explores the origins of current issues of concern. Her recently completed book Career & Family: Women’s Century-Long Journey toward Equity (Princeton University Press) was released in October 2021.

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