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The ANNALS: Our Bimonthly Journal of Research

Entitlement Reform
Special Editors: Robert A. Moffitt and James P. Ziliak
Vol. 686, November 2019

The effectiveness of the U.S. social safety net continues to be an important national issue. Societal changes such as population diversification, policy shifts, and declining employment have increased the demand to evaluate the social safety net programs and their impacts.

In the November 2019 volume of The ANNALS, special editors Robert Moffitt and Jim Ziliak, with the group of scholars they gathered, offer a comprehensive consideration of eleven of the most prominent entitlement programs in the United States, reflecting on their ability to support Americans and examining necessary reforms to expand on current successes. Paying particular attention to the often-understated complexity of these programs, this volume presents innovative solutions to issues of economic security and illuminates the need for continued research on the social safety net, its capacity, and its potential.


Featured Fellow

Andrew Cherlin

2011 Ernest Burgess Fellow

Andrew Cherlin is the Benjamin H. Griswold III Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University. His research focuses on changes in American family life. Specifically, he studies trends in marriage and divorce, the effects of divorce on children, intergenerational relationships, family policy, and welfare policy. In 1999, Cherlin was President of the Population Association of America, a nonprofit organization promoting research on and improvement of issues related to the human population.

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