About this issue

Special Editors: Dhavan V. Shah, Lewis A. Friedland, Chris Wells, Young Mie Kim, and Hernando Rojas

Volume 644

Publication Date: November 2012

Communications/Media, Sociocultural Phenomena/Events

This volume of The ANNALS examines this cross of economics and politics and the contending viewpoints it enacts. From the Occupy Movement’s encampments directed at bankers and corporations to fair trade and anti-sweatshop purchasing, this issue examines how civic engagement has moved beyond periodic and dutiful action directed at the state toward more personalized forms of “lifestyle politics” enacted in everyday life. It also examines how technology, such as social media, has expanded citizens’ repertoires of participation in sharing news and coordinating action. This volume will be of interest to faculty and undergraduate and graduate students who specialize in political and lifestyle movements as well as economic movements.

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