About Rogelio Sáenz


Rogelio Sáenz is a leader in research and training related to racial-ethnic stratification in the United States, particularly as it affects Latine communities. He has written extensively on Latine American issues, including race, inequality, immigration, COVID-19 disparities, aging, and social justice. Demography, race and ethnicity, and social inequality intersect at the heart of Sáenz’s research, which has strengthened understanding of the health and well-being of the United States’ Latine population. His work goes beyond core demographic outcomes to cover topics like immigrant integration, intermarriage, psychological well-being, and public health.

Professional positions
  • 2011–present: Professor of demography (2011–present) and dean of the College of Public Policy (2011–2019), University of Texas at San Antonio
  • 1986–2011: Assistant (1986–1991), associate (1991–1996), and full professor (1996–2011) of sociology, Texas A&M University
Notable publications
  • Sáenz, Rogelio, and Maria Cristina Morales. 2015. Latinos in the United States: Diversity and Change. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.
  • Sáenz, Rogelio, David G. Embrick, and Néstor Rodríguez, eds. 2015. The International Handbook of the Demography of Race and Ethnicity. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.
  • Sáenz, Rogelio. 2010. Latinos in the United States 2010. Population Reference Bureau Bulletin Update.
  • Rodríguez, Havidán, Rogelio Sáenz, and Cecilia Menjívar, eds. 2008. Latinas/os in the United States: Changing the Face of América. New York, NY: Springer.
  • PhD, sociology, Iowa State University
  • MS, sociology, Iowa State University
  • BSW, social work, Pan American University

Induction Remarks

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