About this issue

Special Editors: Jennifer McCoy and Murat Somer

Volume 681

Publication Date: January 2019

Comparative Research, Sociocultural Phenomena/Events

In this volume of The ANNALS, “Polarizing Polities: A Global Threat to Democracy,” special editors Jennifer McCoy and Murat Somer gather scholars to explore case studies of pernicious polarization, and its resulting obstinate political blocs and effects on democracy, in eleven countries. By examining the emotional and identity facets of polarization and the role of political entrepreneurs who use polarizing discourse for their own ends, this volume offers insight into the causes of pernicious polarization and policies that could prevent it.

The conventional approach to the study of polarization primarily addresses the distance and difference between voters or political parties on policy issues. Societies become “perniciously” polarized when they divide into mutually antagonistic “Us vs. Them” camps. This antagonism extends into social relationships and becomes part of one’s social identity. Loyalty and alignment to one’s own camp can result in a self-perpetuating logic that potentially undermines democratic norms.

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