About this issue

Special Editors: David S. Johnson, Katherine A. McGonagle, Vicki A. Freedman and Narayan Sastry

Volume 680

Publication Date: November 2018

Social Science/Public Policy, Socioeconomic Well-Being

This volume of The ANNALS addresses the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID), the longest running longitudinal household panel survey in the United States. For 50 years, the PSID has collected data on the same families and their descendants to evaluate poverty dynamics and the various factors that impact well-being, such as employment, marriage, health, and family circumstances.

The essays in this volume discuss intergenerational mobility, income volatility, impact of divorce, child well-being, life course influences on adult well-being, geographic mobility, and impacts of public health programs on future well-being. Through the data offered in the PSID, researchers are able to correlate childhood life events and conditions with adult outcomes and well-being.

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