About Glenn C. Loury


Economist Glenn C. Loury has made seminal contributions to applied microeconomic theory, game theory, and the study of industrial organization and race and inequality, and he has done so while challenging long-held beliefs and assumptions in the too-often binary world of economics. He provides a unique personal and academic perspective, often displaying a more nuanced view of difficult social challenges he takes on. A prominent social critic and public intellectual, Loury has published more than two hundred reviews, essays, and books. He also hosts “The Glenn Show” on Bloggingsheads.tv, where he interviews prominent academics, policymakers, and other public intellectuals.

Professional positions
  • 2005–present: Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences and Economics, Brown University
  • 1991–2005: Professor of economics, Boston University
  • 1982–1991: Professor of economics and Afro-American Studies (1982–1984) and professor of political economy (1984–1991), Harvard University
  • 1979–1982: Associate (1979–1980) and full (1980–1982) professor of economics, University of Michigan
  • 1976–1979: Assistant professor of economics, Northwestern University
Notable publications
  • Loury, Glenn C. 2002. The Anatomy of Racial Inequality. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
  • Loury, Glenn C. 1998. “Discrimination in the post-Civil Rights Era: Beyond market interactions.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 12(2): 117–126.
  • Coate, Stephen, and Glenn Loury. 1993. “Will affirmative action policies eliminate negative stereotypes?” American Economic Review 83(5): 1220–1240.
  • Coate, Stephen, and Glenn Loury. 1993. “Anti-discrimination enforcement and the problem of patronization.” American Economic Review 83(2): 92–98.
  • PhD, economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • BA, mathematics, Northwestern University
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