About this issue

Special Editors: Gregory White, Dian Dong, David E. Campbell, and Carol D. Lee

Volume 705

Publication Date: January 2023


This special issue features frontiers of scholarship in the political, social, and behavioral sciences that are advancing civic education. The volume begins with an analysis of recent efforts to create a shared agenda for civic learning against a backdrop of politicization in education. Additional articles provide theoretical and empirical support for the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for students to become engaged civic actors and problem-solvers; other contributions offer illustrations of civic learning in action. A cross-cutting theme is the role of environments and cultural contexts that can help ensure meaningful student learning in the United States’ multi-ethnic democracy. The volume concludes with recommendations for research, policy, and practice that advance a type of civic education that can invigorate and preserve our democratic traditions and prepare students to address the political, socioeconomic, and ecological challenges that loom ever larger on the horizon.

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