About this issue

Special Editors: Ilka Vari-Lavoisier and Susan T. Fiske (with contributing editors Christophe Nordman and Douglas S. Massey)

Volume 697

Publication Date: September 2021

Immigration/Migration, Sociocultural Phenomena/Events

In ā€œMaking Sense of One Another in Crossing Borders: Social Cognition and Migration Politics,ā€ special editors Ilka Vari-Lavoisier and Susan T. Fiske, with consulting editors Christophe Nordman and Douglas S. Massey, convene a group of scholars to discuss how ā€œnew intellectual approachesā€”ideas crossing disciplinary bordersā€”can inform our understanding of people crossing bordersā€”migration-based social diversityā€”and the design of public policies in diverse societies.ā€

Through discussions of cognition and labor market mobility in India to anxiety among natives and migrants in the UK after the Brexit vote, Fiske and Vari-Lavoisier and their authors paint a picture of how individual cognition influences an individualā€™s decision to migrate, or their view on migrantsā€™ social status, or their view of migrantsā€™ religious conversion, among other topics. From this individual cognition frame, the editors and authors discuss how broader social and public policy views are shaped. ā€œIn other words,ā€ Fiske and Vari-Lavoisier write in their introduction to the volume, ā€œthis first volume on the cognition and migration nexus stands as an invitation to deepen the analysis of the relationships among internal mental processes, collective representations, social practices, political structures, and socioeconomic change.ā€

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