About this issue

Special Editors: Barrett A. Lee, Marybeth Shinn, and Dennis P. Culhane

Volume 693

Publication Date: January 2021

Sociocultural Phenomena/Events, Socioeconomic Well-Being

In The ANNALS volume 693, ā€œThe Dynamics of Homelessness: Research and Policy,ā€ special editors Barrett A. Lee, Marybeth Shinn, and Dennis P. Culhane and their contributors discuss the many facets of homelessness.

Contrary to popular perceptions of homelessness as a static, enduring condition, the volume emphasizes its dynamic nature. The framework that guides the volume integrates structural forcesā€”such as income inequality, an affordable housing shortage, social exclusion, and inadequate safety net programsā€”with the personal circumstances and challenges that shape individualsā€™ homeless trajectories. Using this same macro-micro perspective, the volume also evaluates the effectiveness of policies aimed at alleviating homelessness, and highlights variation across contexts in how the dynamics of homelessness operate.

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