About this issue

Special Editors: Wei-Jun Jean Yeung, Yi Yang, and Arne L. Kalleberg

Volume 688

Publication Date: March 2020

Children and Youth, Economic Policy

Persistently high rates of youth unemployment have been a global concern for more than two decades. One in five young people is currently not in education, employment, or training (NEET), and women, minorities, and individuals in lower socioeconomic populations are among the most vulnerable to becoming unemployed.

In the March 2020 volume of The ANNALS, special editors Wei-Jun Jean Yeung, Yi Yang, and Arne L. Kalleberg bring together scholars to examine the causes, patterns, and consequences of labor market uncertainties for young adults around the world. Focusing on regional inequalities and widespread, global trends, this volume highlights the importance of youth integration into labor markets and outlines policy changes that are crucial for this integration to be successful.

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