Excellence in scholarship. Serving the public good.


Each year, AAPSS invites a small group ofoutstanding scholars/ public servants to join the Academy as Fellows. Fellows are elected in recognition of the contributions that they have made in their careers to progress in the social sciences.

Each Fellowship is named after a distinguished scholar or civic leader who has contributed to The Annals.  Reflecting the broad and interdisciplinary nature of the Academy, Fellows include sociologists, political scientists, psychologists and economists, as well as scholars and practitioners in communications, education, government and public policy.

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    • Eric Wanner
    • Rogers Smith
    • Richard Freeman
    • Susan Fiske
    • Andrew Cherlin
    • Manuel Castells
    • Kathryn Edin
    • Daniel Nagin
    • Greg Duncan
    • Janet Currie
    • Alan Gerber
    • Heidi Hartmann