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AAPSS Awards 2014 Moynihan Prize to Joseph Stiglitz

    • Sydney Opera House - Photographer: Daniel Baud

Joseph Stiglitz, University Professor at Columbia University and 2001 Nobel Prize winner, has been named the 2014 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize Winner, by AAPSS. The Moynihan Prize honors individuals who use sound analysis and social science research to inform public policy, while also contributing to the public discourse on society’s most pressing issues, much like the prize’s namesake, the late Senator Moynihan, did. Stiglitz has contributed greatly to our understanding of the sources and dire ramifications of economic inequality…

Collateral Consequences of Mass Incarceration

    • Mass Incarceration Briefing

The American Academy of Political and Social Science and The Scholars Strategy Network, in cooperation with the Honorable Robert C. "Bobby" Scott and the Congressional Black Caucus, held a briefing on May 28, 2014, to discuss "The Collateral Consequences of Mass Incarceration: How Punishment has Changed America and How Policy Should Respond."

Panelists--including Christopher Wildeman, a Yale professor who is one of three special editors of a recent ANNALS volume on the civic consequences of mass incarceration; Bruce Western…

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The Annals

The Role of State Policy in Promoting College Access and Success

    • 655; September 2014

Special Editors: Laura W. Perna and Michael K. McLendon


Today more than ever, higher education is profoundly important to the prosperity of U.S. society. It is increasingly required for jobs; produces higher earnings, which spurs economic growth; and encourages civic engagement, which strengthens the foundation of democracy. Although the benefits are clear, educational attainment in the United States has…

Family Complexity, Poverty, and Public Policy

    • 654, July 2014

Special Editors: Marcia J. Carlson and Daniel R. Meyer  


In this volume of The ANNALS, prominent scholars look at the various dynamics of today’s family complexity, focusing on families with minors. The articles present the context in which family complexity has developed and the factors that have increased its prevalence; provide evidence of how increasing changes in…

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