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AAPSS Awards 2014 Moynihan Prize to Joseph Stiglitz

    • Sydney Opera House - Photographer: Daniel Baud

Joseph Stiglitz, University Professor at Columbia University and 2001 Nobel Prize winner, has been named the 2014 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize Winner, by AAPSS. The Moynihan Prize honors individuals who use sound analysis and social science research to inform public policy, while also contributing to the public discourse on society’s most pressing issues, much like the prize’s namesake, the late Senator Moynihan, did. Stiglitz has contributed greatly to our understanding of the sources and dire ramifications of economic inequality…

Six Distinguished Scholars Named Fellows of the AAPSS

    • Fellows Medals

The American Academy of Political and Social Science has inducted six eminent scholars as 2014 Fellows of the Academy.

The AAPSS inducts a handful of Fellows each year in recognition of their contributions to the improvement of society through research and influence over public policy.  Since the founding of its Fellows program in 2000, AAPSS has inducted 93 distinguished scholars and public servants as Fellows. 

The 2014 Fellows of the Academy are:

Janet Currie, an economist whose work has…

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Human Trafficking: Recent Empirical Research

    • 653; May 2014

Special Editors: Ronald Weitzer and Sheldon X. Zhang


This groundbreaking volume of The ANNALS offers empirical studies that explore the complexity, scope, and particular locales of human trafficking. The articles look beyond the misconceived portrayals of human trafficking, delving into often overseen dimensions of it, such as labor trafficking and migration, and provide breakthrough findings on victims, facilitators, and…

Strengthening Governance in South Africa: Building on Mandela's Legacy

    • 652, March 2014

Special Editor: Robert I. Rotberg


With Nelson Mandela at the helm, South Africa overcame apartheid and entered a transitional era, brimming with optimism for sustainable transformation. But two decades and two post-Mandela leaders later, the country’s progress has stalled. The monopoly of the African National Congress and its focus on fulfilling its own self-interest and power plague the country,…

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