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The ANNALS: Our Bimonthly Journal of Research

Developing the Basis for Secure and Accessible Data for High Impact Program Management, Policy Development, and Scholarship

Special Editors: Andrew Reamer, Julia Lane, Ian Foster and David Ellwood

In the January 2018 volume of The ANNALS special editors Andrew Reamer (George Washington University); Julia Lane (NYU); Ian Foster (University of Chicago); and David Ellwood (Harvard Kennedy School) bring together experts from across disciplines to outline the infrastructures that will need to be built to make sure data providers and empirical researchers can best serve national policy needs… read more.


Featured Fellow

Kathryn Edin, 2014 Margaret Mead Fellow

Kathryn Edin, the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor at Johns Hopkins University, is one of the nation’s leading poverty researchers. The hallmark of her research is her direct, in-depth observations of the lives of low-income women and men. Edin is particularly interested in questions about the urban poor that have not been fully answered by quantitative work: How do single mothers possibly survive on welfare? Why do they end up as single mothers in the first place? Where are the fathers and why do they disengage from their children’s lives? Read more…