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Understanding Student Debt: Who Borrows, the Consequences of Borrowing, and the Implications for Federal Policy

Special Editors: Laura W. Perna , and Nicholas Hillman

Is student debt a policy problem? 41.5 million Americans owe more than $1.2 trillion in outstanding federal loan debt and the debt load carried by American college-goers and their families has tripled over the past decade.  But less than half of all undergraduates take out federal loans annually, and the median loan balance for all borrowers is about $14,000 – a significant sum but not a “crushing” debt for many borrowers, particularly for those who attain degrees and enjoy the significant economic returns that post-secondary education can bring…read more.


Featured Fellow

Roger Wilkins, 2000 W.E.B. DuBois Fellow

Roger Wilkins was the Clarence J. Robinson Professor of History and American Culture at George Mason University. Dr. Wilkins has had a distinguished career in journalism, including a position as a network radio commentator for National Public Radio. Dr. Wilkins is a former Associate Editor for the Washington Star, and served as a member of the Editorial Board and columnist for the New York Times. Read more…