Special Editors: Barrett A. Lee, Marybeth Shinn, and Dennis P. Culhane
Vol. 693, January 2021

In The ANNALS volume 693, “The Dynamics of Homelessness: Research and Policy,” special editors Barrett A. Lee, Marybeth Shinn, and Dennis P. Culhane and their contributors discuss the many facets of homelessness.

Contrary to popular perceptions of homelessness as a static, enduring condition, the volume emphasizes its dynamic nature. The framework that guides the volume integrates structural forces—such as income inequality, an affordable housing shortage, social exclusion, and inadequate safety net programs—with the personal circumstances and challenges that shape individuals’ homeless trajectories. Using this same macro-micro perspective, the volume also evaluates the effectiveness of policies aimed at alleviating homelessness, and highlights variation across contexts in how the dynamics of homelessness operate.

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