Special Editors: Matthew O. Hunt & George Wilson

volume-634-march-2011.150.222.sUtilizing a mix of methodological and theoretical approaches, the contributors of this ANNALS volume highlight four primary themes: (1) intersections of race, inequality, and ideology in specific institutional domains (e.g., crime, religion, work, immigration/national inclusion); (2) the meaning, measurement, and implications of “racial resentment”; (3) the role of social context and stereotypes in shaping racial (and nonracial) policy support; and (4) the operation of racial prejudice and stratification ideology in the context of Obama’s presidency. This volume will appeal to a multidisciplinary scholarly audience, including policy-makers interested in current public opinion regarding the American occupational structure and its associated inequalities.

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In this March 2011 ANNALS volume, sociologists Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and David Dietrich argue in their article, “The Sweet Enchantment of Color-Blind Racism in Obamerica,” that “racial oppression is still systematic in America.” “Racial” practices today, though, are “subtle,” [and] “apparently nonracial”. … Bonilla-Silva has termed this “new regime” of racism “color-blind racism.”

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