What Census Data Miss about American Diversity

The decennial census is much in the news, unusual this far in advance of census day (April 1, 2020). The newsworthiness stems from growing concern that the next census will fall short on the [...]

Inner-City Schools: Inequality and Urban Education

Special Editors: Elijah Anderson and Luke Anderson Vol. 673, September 2017 This volume is based on the April 2016 Yale symposium on the “Inner City School: Inequality and Urban Education.” The [...]

The New Rural Urban Interface

Special Editors: Daniel T. Lichter and James P. Ziliak Vol. 672, July 2017 For decades, rural and small-town America has been left at the sidelines of academic analysis and evidence-based policy [...]

Regulatory Intermediaries in the Age of Governance

Regulation is often viewed as a two-party relationship between a regulator (R) and the target (T) of its regulation. This volume purposes regulation as a three-party system, where diverse [...]