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Toward a Better Approach to Preventing, Identifying, and Addressing Child Maltreatment
Special Editors: Lawrence M. Berger and Kristen S. Slack

Vol. 692, November 2020

In volume 692 of The ANNALS, special editors Lawrence M. Berger and Kristen S. Slack bring together scholars of child welfare “to increase awareness among scholars, policy-makers, and practitioners of the size, scope, and functions of child welfare services in the United States.” Though the child welfare system in the United States has the goal of “promot[ing] safety, permanency … and well-being for children experiencing or at risk of child maltreatment,” there is actually not one system, but instead many systems, depending on the state or county in which one lives, and these systems have considerable variation in policies and practice. The authors in this volume of The ANNALS draw on empirical research to propose reforms to the child welfare system(s) so that child welfare in the United States can truly promote the safety and well-being of all children, especially those who historically have been, and remain, disadvantaged in American society and its child welfare system.

From the Archives

Truth as a Weapon in the Free World
Vol. 278, November, 1951
Richard Brecker

From the Introduction

In an address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors on April 20, 1950, President Truman declared that it was necessary for us to “make ourselves heard round the world in a great campaign of truth.” Calling attention to the vital importance of the psychological front in the present battle for world friendship, the President noted that the task of presenting the truth “to the millions who are uninformed or misinformed or unconvinced… is not separate and distinct from other elements of our foreign policy. It is as important as armed strength or economic aid.  ‘We must,’ he said, ‘pool our efforts with those of the other free peoples in a sustained, intensified program to promote the cause of freedom against the propaganda of slavery.'”