AAPSS seeks nominees for Fellowships who:

  • have made seminal and enduring contributions to social scientific discovery;
  • improve the human condition through the creative application of social science to problems that are important to contemporary society; and
  • advance the social sciences by showing policy-makers and the broader public how science and evidence contribute to improved social conditions and to human flourishing.

Nominees need not be exemplary in all these respects, but it is helpful to hear from nominators about the ways in which nominees fit these criteria.  Nominators are free to advocate for anyone they choose, but given the demographics of our current cohort of Fellows, we encourage you to think expansively, and potentially nominate individuals who are from outside the northeastern U.S. and west coast, who work in disciplines or fields in which we have relatively few Fellows (e.g. Anthropology, Communications, Journalism, Education, or Law), whose professional homes are not private universities,  who may have academic perspectives that are not well represented among current Fellows, and who are from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.

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