The Academy is now accepting nominations for its 2022 Fellowships from all AAPSS Fellows and current and former Board members. Thank you for taking the time to make this nomination. As you do, remember that AAPSS Fellows represent the mission and ideals of the Academy. Our Fellows are:

  • individuals who make seminal and enduring contributions to social scientific discovery;
  • individuals who improve the human condition through the creative application of social science to problems that are important to contemporary society; and
  • individuals who advance the social sciences by showing policy-makers and the broader public how science and evidence contribute to improved social conditions and to human flourishing.

Nominees need not be exemplary in all these respects, but it is helpful to hear from you about the ways in which the person you nominate fits these criteria.


Click below to log in to access the nomination form. Nominators must be logged in to view, fill out, and save the nomination form.

Only AAPSS Fellows and current and past AAPSS Board Members may nominate someone for a fellowship. If you are not a Fellow or Board Member, you are free to nominate someone for the AAPSS Moynihan Prize. Please click here to see how to make a nomination for the Prize.

If you are eligible to make a Fellows nomination but did not receive the password to log in, please contact Emily Babson at emily.babson@asc.upenn.edu.

Please submit the nomination form with 1) a full CV or resume for your nominee and 2) a letter of nomination attached to the form. This form and the two attachments are required for each nominee. Nominees cannot be considered for a Fellowship without them.

Deadline: The online form and supporting materials (CV/resume and letter of nomination) are due Friday, July 9, 2021.


Sorry, this content is restricted to AAPSS Fellows and Board members. If you cannot log in, please contact Emily Babson at emily.babson@asc.upenn.edu