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Advancing Reasoned Action Theory

    • Volume 640; March 2012

Special Editor: Michael Hennessy 

 This volume, dedicated to Martin Fishbein, the premier social psychologist in the area of attitude and attitude change, focuses on his work as the codeveloper of reasoned action theory—an approach to behavioral prediction and change that has been used in thousands of research studies. After Fishbein’s death, the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania established a memorial lecture series in his honor. This volume consists of papers derived from those lectures. These articles attest to the general applicability of the theory and the heterogeneous contexts in which the theory can be productively applied. Together, they compose the most up-to-date treatment of the quantitative analysis of reasoned action theory currently available, and they show that there is considerable justification for comparing the reasoned action approach to other well-known scientific theories.


To download individual articles or to purchase the entire volume, please visit The ANNALS home at Sage Journal Online.

Gender and Race Inequality in Management

    • Volume 639; January 2012

Special Editor: Matt L. Huffman


This volume highlights cutting-edge research by notable and highly visible scholars working in the area of gender, race and management. Their diversity in both theoretical orientation and methodological approach gives the volume a decidedly interdisciplinary flavor, making it of wide appeal to both academics and policy makers. Contributors come from the social sciences, psychology, top business and management schools, labor and employment relations programs, and schools of public affairs. As such, the contributors bring diverse perspectives and data to bear on key issues, and offer an array of insights into the policy implications of their findings. These unique features combine to inspire new directions for future empirical research in this important area.