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The State of Unequal Educational Opportunity: The Coleman Report 50 Years Later

Special Editors: Margot I. Jackson and Susan L. Moffitt, Brown University

Vol. 674, November 2017

Released in 1966, the Coleman Report was a controversial study that assessed inequality in American schools and its consequences for student achievement. The report triggered debate and significantly influenced U.S. policy and educational research.

Fifty years later, this volume of The ANNALS explores some of the same issues that the Coleman Report discussed, while also moving forward, looking beyond the issues that Coleman and his colleagues took up. Articles examine families, schools, communities, immigration, and cross-national variation and how they relate to education and educational achievement. Additionally, articles in this volume offer insights for today’s researchers and policy-makers.

From the Archives

Medical Care for Americans
Vol. 273, January, 1951
Special Editors: Franz Goldmann and Hugh R. Leavell

From the Forward

It is generally agreed that medical care of highest qualitative and quantitative standards should be available to everybody.  How this objective can be attained in a democratic society is much debated.  The papers assembled in this volume are designed to provide factual information necessary for the evaluation of both existing programs and proposals for future development.  They express the opinions of the authors and not necessarily those of the organizations involved or of the editors.  Conscious effort has been made to obtain competent, objective, and detached presentations of the various subjects and to avoid discussions contributing more head than light.

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