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Robert Greenstein: Bringing research and analysis to bear in policy debates

  • Fri, Jun 18 2010
    • Robert Greenstein

“Thank you to friends and colleagues here tonight from the scholarly community; from the world of philanthropy; from journalism; from the administration and Congress; from elsewhere in the policy community; and from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities—my home away from home for the last 28 years. And speaking of home, I want to thank my wonderful wife Elissa, who’s also here tonight. Thanks, most of all, to the Academy. I am both honored and surprised to receive this award. When Douglas Massey called to tell me of the award, I first thought that the committee had surely made…

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Social Science Research and Policy: "History Matters"

  • Wed, May 30 2007
    • Claudia Goldin

  On April 29th, 2007, the AAPSS inducted the Fellows of 2007. The following are excerpts from recipient Claudia Goldin's remarks.   I do not know the impact my work has had on public discourse. But I do know the impact I would like it to have had. Researchers and policy makers, as well as those who vote and take part in policy discourse, must be made aware that history matters. History is not something that simply happened; the past is not just what occurred long ago. Rather, history is constantly discovered and reinterpreted in light…

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