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Election 2008: Got Religion?

  • Mon, Jul 23 2007
    • 2008 Democrats

Over a year before voters go to the polls to elect a new president it is clear that the top contenders for the Democratic nomination have discovered religion. The question is, are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards like generals determined to fight the last war, or do they actually know something about what Americans may want by way of religion and politics in 2008? A good case can be made for the former. In the 1992 election, religiously observant voters (those who tell exit pollsters they attend worship once a week or more)…

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Religious Diversity in American Electoral Politics

  • Fri, Jul 20 2007

 In recent decades, the importance of religion in American elections has become obvious. The rise of the Religious Right has meant that white evangelical Protestants are an important component of the contemporary Republican Party, and that Republican electoral successes have largely depended on the ability of the GOP to mobilize these evangelical voters. And yet less attention has been paid to another important way that religion plays a role in electoral politics: Candidates associated too closely with a particular religious tradition may be handicapped by identification with that tradition. The key to understanding why lies…

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