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The Minority Entrepreneurial Challenge

  • Tue, Oct 9 2007
    • James H. Johnson Jr.

Over the last quarter century minority-owned firms in the U.S. have experienced phenomenal growth, and it is imperative that minority-owned businesses continue to thrive and prosper. These businesses are far more likely to employ minorities than White-owned firms in the same business niches. But minority-owned businesses will face two major hurdles in the years ahead. Minority business owners are facing fierce competition from offshore vendors, who are capable of offering globally competitive prices for the same high quality, white-collar services that, in 2005, 29 of the 100 BE [Black Enterprise] firms provided. If…

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Venture Capital and Minority Businesses: Better Together?

  • Mon, Oct 8 2007
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    • Timothy Bates
    • William Bradford

Q and A with Timothy Bates and William Bradford As you look at venture capital investment in minority businesses, how do you find that minority entrepreneurship has changed in recent decades? The depth of expertise among minority entrepreneurs has grown substantially. However, while market access has broadened and financial-capital availability has expanded, parity with non-minority entrepreneurs has not been achieved. Capital-market access is an enduring barrier, thwarting the size and scope of minority business enterprises (MBEs) What do we know about the new African American…

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