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Kenneth Pollack: If Iraq slips back into civil war…it will be far more dangerous than in Afghanistan

  • Tue, Sep 9 2008
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    • Trudy Rubin
    • Kenneth Pollack

The following are excerpts from a series of interviews with some of the country’s top terrorism experts conducted by Trudy Rubin, the Worldview columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer in conjunction with the July 2008 volume of The Annals on “Terrorism: What the Next President Will Face.”  This interview is with Kenneth Pollack, of the Brookings Institution, an expert on national security and on the Persian Gulf. He served as Director of Gulf Affairs on the National Security Council under President Clinton and his latest book is A Path Out of the Desert:  A Grand Strategy for America in the Middle East. Trudy Rubin: Ken, I would like…

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