Janet Currie

    • Janet Currie
  • 2014 Eleanor Roosevelt Fellow
  • Janet Currie is the Henry Putnam Professor of Economics and Public Affairs and Direct of the Center for Health and Wellbeing at Princeton University.

Greg Duncan

    • Greg Duncan
  • 2014 Kenneth Boulding Fellow
  • Greg Duncan is a Distinguished Professor of Education,University of California Irvine and
    Adjunct Faculty Member at the Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University.

Kathryn Edin

    • Kathryn Edin
  • 2014 Margaret Mead Fellow
  • Kathryn Edin is the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University.

Alan Gerber

    • Alan Gerber
  • 2014 Robert A Dahl Fellow
  • Alan Gerber is the Charles C. And Dorathea S. Dilley Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for the Study of American Politics at Yale University.

Heidi Hartmann

    • Heidi Hartmann
  • 2014 Charlotte Perkins Gilman Fellow
  • Heidi Hartmann is the president and founder of the Institute for Women's Policy Research, and a Research Professor at The George Washington University.

Daniel Nagin

    • Daniel Nagin
  • 2014 Thorsten Sellin Fellow

  • Daniel Nagin is the Teresa and H. John Heinz III University Professor of Public Policy and
    Statistics and Associate Dean of Faculty of the Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University.